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How To Apply For A Cheque Book

You would normally get a Cheque book with ten leaves when you open your new savings account. It is usually a part of the welcome kit. If you are applying for a cheque book for the first time or if it has was not issued to you in your welcome kit, you can call your bank’s Customer care and find out how you can go about getting a Cheque book.


Below are few simple steps to apply for a cheque book

  1. You can place a request for your cheque book throughInternet Banking.
  2. You can request for one through Phone Banking or Mobile Banking
  3. Alternatively, you can fill in a requisition slip and submit it at the Branch.
  4. The Bank will issue a cheque book to you which you will receive it in the mail or by courier in a few days’ time.

i. The number of cheque leaves in the book issued to you would depend on the kind of account you hold with your bank.

ii. Your cheque book also comes with a requisition slip for requesting a new cheque book

iii. Once you have used up all your available cheques, you can fill up the requisition slip, sign it and submit it at the Branch office to get a new one.

Cheque Book Application Procedure


Most Bank accounts allow for a Cheque book to be issued free on a quarterly basis. Different accounts are permitted different number of free Cheque leaves in a quarter. Beyond this limits, banks levy certain charges per cheque leaf that you request for.
Now that we have understood to the procedure of applying for a cheque book, let have a look at various elements of a cheque book.

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