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What Is ATM – Tips To Ensure Secure Transaction

An Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is a computerized device that enables customers of a bank to perform a variety of financial transactions such as withdraw cash, check account balance and manage their accounts. Some bank ATM machines also allow customers to recharge prepaid mobiles, pay utility bills, transfer funds, etc.

In order to keep your ATM transactions secure, you need to keep in mind the following good practices

  • ATM transactions require you to enter a PIN (Personal Identification Number) which is generally provided by your bank in a sealed envelope. To protect your account, you must immediately change the PIN after activation of the Card.
  • Do not use an easy number like multiple ‘0’s or ‘1234’ or your birth date or other numbers which can be easily associated with you.
  • A good idea is to frequently change the PIN.
  • Memorize your PIN and don’t have it written down on the cover of your card or anywhere in your wallet. Be careful and never share this PIN with anyone.
  • Do ensure that no one is observing you as you enter your PIN. Shield the ATM keypad while punching in your PIN.
  • Remember to keep any receipt to record your transactions. Most banks although will give you a transaction alert over SMS and you might actually choose not to ask for a printed receipt.
  • Check the ATM to see if there is any external device that seems to have been placed over the machine. If the keypad looks protruding or out of place; avoid using that particular ATM machine and alert your bank about the same.
  • Most importantly, be very careful to collect your ATM card and cash from the machine after your transaction.
  • Keep your Bank Account Number and the ATM Card Number handy so that in case of loss of the card, you can immediately call Customer Care and block your cards and lodge a formal complaint with the police, if the need arises.
  • Keep the Customer Care Services number at hand so that you can make a quick call to block your card if required.

To protect your account, you must immediately change the PIN after activation of the Card.

Protect your Card, especially the magnetic chip/stripe from scratches or bending by keeping the ATM in an ATM card holder. This will also help avoid distortion of the number printed on the card

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