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Mobile Banking, Its Quick And Convenient

Now hands-on banking has got a whole new meaning. Read on to know how your mobile phone can become your bank!

When mobile phones were just introduced, the costs associated were prohibitive. One had to think twice before making or receiving calls and perhaps thrice before purchasing a mobile phone at all. Today, it’s a necessity – your alarm clock when you wake in the morning, your radio while you take a shower, your newspaper while you get to work, your gossip companion while you have your coffee, your assistant at work and numerous other things. Mobile phones allow you to carry your office around with you. And, for that matter, your bank too!

Yes, you read right. Now, through your mobile phone you can execute a host of banking transactions ranging from lodging a request for a cheque book to undertaking a fund transfer.

So, you may wonder, why should you choose an additional transacting platform? The services available on the mobile banking platform pre-empt the need for visiting the bank branch to undertake some of the basic banking activities. This saves your time. Further, your location becomes immaterial. With the mobile banking application you can access and transact your account even when you are travelling overseas or on a pilgrimage in a remote town, as long as you have a mobile connectivity.s-2.11

You may feel that this convenience must have a high price attached. This is a myth. Mobile banking services are generally offered at no cost by the banks. As a user, you may have to bear related expenses such as those related to SMS and internet usage on your phone.

Next, you may wonder if mobile banking is a safe way to transact. Well, banks offering this service have invested heavily in securing this platform. For instance, all information transmitted between servers and the mobile device is encrypted as with regular online banking. This means, that the likelihood of any fraud is no greater than using your computer! The most realistic threat would be if your phone is stolen or lost and ends up in the wrong hands. To counter this risk, you can set a password to your phone and a unique mobile banking PIN code which you can change regularly. Apart from this, there are many such ways to safeguard your banking experience.

Best of all it gives you the secure feeling that you have more than just money and credit in your pocket…you actually have your bank in there!

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