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Axis Bank ISIC Forex Card For Students

When you are going abroad for higher studies, there are two major issues that need to be addressed. The first one is having all your identity documents in place and the second one is arranging for sufficient foreign currency for living, travel and other expenses. This not only involves the hassle of going to a foreign currency exchange for your fund conversions, it also means frequent money transfers from your parents while you areout there. But from now on, you no longer have to worry as there is good news in the form of a single card, the ISIC Forex Card which works both as an identity document as well as a mode of spending abroad. This has been introduced in India by Axis Bank.

So what about ISIC?

ISIC is the abbreviation for “International Students Identity Card”. It is the only card that is accepted internationally for a full-time student status and is recognized by universities, student organizations and ministries of education in countries abroad. The fact that the ISIC card is endorsed by the likes of UNESCO, European Council of Culture and the Andean Community of Nations speaks volumes for the Card.

At present the ISIC global community spans around 4.5 million users in 120 countries and with this card, you get a wide variety of benefits and discounts for bus/air/train travel, convenience stores, hostels and tourist attractions across the world.

And now the ISIC Forex Card

The ISIC Forex card by is a prepaid forex and a personalized Identity Card with your photo. Axis Bank is the first Bank in India to bring a Travel currency Card co-branded with ISIC for students and youth travellers.

Currently, this card supports three currencies – Dollar ($), Euro (€) and Great Britain Pound (£). If you are a full-time student, you can have a maximum limit of US$ 100,000 or €73427 or £61140 (approximately rounded off) for your expenditure during an academic year.

The ISIC Forex Card can be used to withdraw currency from over 2 million ATMs as well as for paying at about 34 million merchant outlets around the world. Additionally, this Card also allows transactions onabout 1,00,000 e-commerce sites outside India,giving you extensive options for making purchases online and is duly protected by MasterCard Secure code.

The Card issued by Axis Bank has a 2-year validity and the documentation required includes copies of your Passport, Visa, flight tickets, PAN card and photo. And since this a personalized card and takes up to 7 working days for being issued by the Bank branch, you should apply for it well in advanceby  filling a separate application form withdetails like your name, date of birth, photo and university name.

And in case you lose your ISIC Forex card, you are covered because you get an insurance coverage of up to Rs. 3,00,000/-. However, you can make the claim only if you have registered a complaint with the local law enforcement for ISIC card loss or misuse.

Convenience Ahoy!

With the amount of features available on the ISIC Forex Card, it has all the makingsof an ideal option for students abroad. In this age of plastic money, the dual functionality of this card as an Identity card as well as a Card for spending makes it much more convenient than carrying foreign currency around. It also gives you access to a significant number of discounts and benefits while you are studying abroad!

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