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What Is An Add-On Credit Card?

Intro: As a lady without an independent income, you can still enjoy the convenience of using your own credit card. You are entitled to an add-on credit card on your husband’s or father’s primary credit card. Read on further to know more about add-on credit cards…

Basics of Add-on Credit Cards


An add-on credit card is a supplementary credit card offered to close relatives of the primary cardholder, including the parents, spouse, siblings and children (above 18 years of age). As a financially dependent woman, you can get add-on credit card issued in your own name. The primary cardholder, who could be your father or husband, and you share the overall credit limit. However, the primary cardholder can assign spending limits to your add-on card. For example, if the overall credit limit on your husband’s card is Rs 50,000, he can assign a limit of Rs 10,000 to your add-on credit card. This means that between the two of you, the two of you, the limit remains Rs 50,000 and your limit is restricted to Rs 10,000. By using an add-on credit card, you can avail most of the conveniences and benefits assigned to the primary card, including reward points, offers and discounts. For security reasons, the primary cardholder will receive SMS alerts on transactions made by the add-on cardholders. At the end of the billing cycle, the bank generates a consolidated billing statement in the name of the primary cardholder, who bears the ultimate responsibility of payment. Add-on cards have the same utility, validity, offers and benefits associated with the primary credit card. Banks may have restrictions on the number of add-on cards that can be issued per credit card.


Add on cards are ideal for those who undertake secondary spending, such as spouses and children, as it saves the primary cardholder from the hassle of regularly withdrawing cash and pass it on. With an add-on credit card, you can pay for:

  • Groceries and other items purchased at outlets which accept credit cards
  • Electricity bills, telephone bills and other utility bills (through online bill payment)
  • Train and air travel tickets (through online booking facility)

 Fees and Charges on Add-on Credit Cards

Banks may charge a nominal fee at the time of issue of add-on credit cards. Annual fees on add-on cards may also be applicable. In some cases, the issue fees may be waived off on one add-on card. Banks may also waive off annual fees on credit cards in case of spends exceeding a particular threshold.

 Get an add-on credit card now and spend easily, conveniently and wisely!

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