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Availing NRI home loans

October 22, 2014

Investing in residential property has always been a very attractive proposition for NRIs.  With the high exchange rate in favor of foreign currency, buying a home in …

Benefits of using a Debit Card

October 20, 2014
Debit Cards

In this age of plastic money, it makes better sense to have a Debit Card than carry cash around. In a cash economy like India, a large majority of people prefer to pay …

Types of Mobile Banking

October 17, 2014
Mobile Banking

With an estimated 207 million smartphone users in India today, more and more people today are using their phones for banking as well. Now, you can check your account …

Muhurat Trading & Its Myths

October 14, 2014
Investment Planning

Diwali is a festival that welcomes Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity, and so it is considered an auspicious and blessed time to do business. It marks the …

5 Things You Should Know About Muhurat Trading

October 14, 2014
Investment Planning

The Sanskrit word “Muhūrta” is a unit of measurement for time in the Hindu calendar, and one plausible etymology breaks the word up as “muhu” (sudden) and …